Paulita Lasola Malay
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


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Role Model? Or Possibility Model?
By David D. Burns, MD
MAY 20, 2017

In my Tuesday evening psychotherapy training seminar at Stanford, we train therapists in TEAM-CBT, and one of the teaching methods involves personal work for the therapists, kind of on the idea of “Physician, heal thyself.” (Luke 4:23) We work on mood problems, like depression and anxiety, relationship problems, and habits and addictions. One of our favorite members, Paulita, just made a brief video describing the work she did recently on her addiction to a certain kind of candy, and graciously allowed me to publish it here! I think you’ll enjoy it!

In her email giving me permission, Paulita wrote,

I would like to be a “Possibility” Model (not Role Model) – because I am an example of the possibility that even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Here’s the way I would put it–are you old enough yet to learn some new tricks? Paulita just turned 80 and is one of our liveliest and most beloved members. She is a local Marriage and Family Therapist, and is originally from the Philippines.

Paulita made the video to help promote a workshop at the Feeling Good Insititute tomorrow (May 21st, 2017) on overcoming habits and addictions using TEAM-CBT. They may have a few spots left, so feel free to check them out if you’d like to attend!

By the way, my Tuesday psychotherapy training group is free of charge to northern California metal health professionals, so contact me if you’d like to visit or learn more about the work we do!