Paulita Lasola Malay
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


Paulita Lasola Malay is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist-Psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area, California where she started her private practice part time in 1998. She is a leading professional in domestic violence treatment. She worked for five years (1997-2002) as Filipino outreach coordinator and bilingual community educator at the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, now known as CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) of San Mateo County, California. She focused her efforts on educating the community about domestic violence and its prevention. She founded the Filipino Outreach Program of the agency and established in Daly City a support group for abused Filipinas which she later opened to women of other ethnicity.

Secondarily, in a mental health organization, Pyramid Alternatives, she facilitated for several years (1997-2010) certified batterers' intervention and treatment groups. Two of these groups were for Filipino males court-mandated to counseling after having been arrested for domestic violence misdemeanors. Those were the only DV groups in the SF Bay Area facilitated in the Philippine language, Tagalog. Her third group was led in English for female offenders of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Mrs. Malay is a graduate of the University of the Philippines. She has two master's degrees: one in Guidance and Counseling from De La Salle University (Manila) and the other in Marriage and Family Counseling from San Francisco State University. Although her counseling experience spans more than 30 years, it was only in 1995 that by serendipity she found her niche in the field of domestic violence prevention and intervention.

Her experience is peerless because in one agency (CDVP) she helped victims of domestic abuse, and in the other agency (Pyramid Alternatives) she taught offenders other alternatives to violence. Thus, she is knowledgeable about both sides of the issue of relationship abuse. Through her work, Paulita has broken the stigma and lack of openness in seeking professional help for domestic abuse. She has raised awareness of the need for professional intervention in this area. Until today, Mrs. Malay is still the only Filipina psychotherapist – in fact, the only Asian – in the field of domestic violence treatment and prevention in San Mateo County, California.

In her solo clinical practice, she sees individuals, couples, and families, mostly in brief and integrated growth-oriented therapy. Men and women seek her expertise in cross-cultural or inter-racial relationships, in anger management, in attaining healthy relationships, and in other life issues. She strives to enable others to live better lives and help them transform their relationships into happy, healthy, and harmonious ones. She speaks two Philippine languages: Tagalog and Bisaya. On August 31, 2012, Paulita was awarded among the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. by the Filipina Women's Network.